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New Dedicated Cloud Compute User Interface FAQ

Article Code: kb/231

Q: Where can people see the holistic changes made to the DCC User Interface?
A: The new DCC UI Changes and Updated Views Knowledge Base article has steps and updated images comparing the old and new UI.

Q: Is there any training for learning about the new DCC UI?
A: Documents have been created to show how to login and use the new DCC UI. They are all available through the Getting Started section of the Dedicated Cloud Compute Knowledge Base. There are multiple screenshots with a step- by-step explanation of how to use the new DCC UI to provision new Guest OS orders or to make changes against your present Guest OS’s.

Q: Do users need experience using the SavvisStation Portal?
A: No experience with SavvisStation Portal is required; however, it is assumed that most users will have seen the old/existing portal interface. Throughout the documentation, there will be references to old/existing features (e.g., Compute Dashboard, Image Management, etc.), and how these concepts are presented in the new portal UI.

A: What other assumptions are important to take note of when using the new UI?
Q: Using the new DCC UI assumes the user is familiar with the current DCC UI in regards to the major features, how to navigate, etc. Various documents available in this KB section show how features appear in the new UI.

A: Will there be a course offering in the future that is split into learning modules?
Q: Should a course offering become available, it would be partitioned into four different yet connected modules as follows:

Module 0: Gathering & Class Info

  • Assumptions
  • Ground rules
  • Questions
  • Overview of training modules
    (Duration: 10 minutes)

Module 1: DCC UI Overview

  • Behind-the-scenes changes
  • Updated views
    • New color scheme
    • View resources Data Center Site/Cluster
    • Decentralized Image Management
    • New Interface for creating storage and servers
    • “Orders” vs. “Carts” and “Tasks”
  • MVP vs GA
    Duration: ~ 20 minutes

Module 2: : DCC UI Deep Dive

  • Viewing DCC resources - clusters, ESXi Hosts, VMs, images, utilization metrics
  • Provisioning Orders
    • Add VM/Delete VM
    • Add Datastore
    • Add Disk/Delete Disk
    • Clone, Save to image, Deploy from image
  • Operational Orders - Power Ops, Change Tier
  • Working with Orders - View, lock/unlock, edit, deploy, delete

Duration: ~ 80 minutes

Module 3: Wrap-Up

  • Review
  • Questions and Answers

Duration: (remainder of class)

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