Lumen Master Account Registration

Updated by Daniel Stephan on Jun 21, 2018
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As part of our efforts to increase the security of your accounts using the Managed Hosting (SavvisStation Portal) and Private Cloud (DCC), you will need to go through a one-time setup to create a new Lumen Master Account. You may also choose to use a Lumen Master Account to log into Cloud Application Manager or Public Cloud. Once setup is complete, for your security, you will receive a one-time prompt to provide credentials for your services to link them to your Lumen Master Account; as a result, you will be able to navigate between them without re-authenticating going forward. Other security improvements include optional multi-factor authentication through your smart phone (soft token) and the ability to set up multiple security questions for account validation and retrieval purposes.

This article steps you through creating a Lumen Master Account.

Please note: OTP multi-factor authentication requires the use of a smart phone and compatible smart phone app (such as Google Authenticator or OTP Auth) or browser plug-in (such as Google Authenticator for Chrome)


1: Go to the Lumen Master Account login page.
Go to, and click on the "Log In" link to the top right. Click on either Managed Hosting or Private Cloud, whichever service you use.


This will redirect you to the Lumen Master Account login page.


2: Email Registration
Enter the email address you would like to register the Lumen Master Account with and click next. If there is no Lumen Master Account registered to the email, it will automatically redirect you to user registration. If this email is already registered, it will take you to a login page.

3: Enter Your Contact Details
Enter in your first and last name in the contact details section. You will also be automatically assigned a PIN here. If you do not like the PIN assigned, you may change it.

PIN Criteria:

  • Your PIN can only contain numbers
  • Your PIN must be a minimum of 4 digits
  • Your PIN can only be a maximum of 10 digits

Once done, click the next button.


4: Setup Your Password
Enter your password and confirm the password. Set the desired password expiration date. Once done, click the next button.


5: Opt-In to Multi-Factor Authentication
You can choose whether to use OTP multi-factor authentication, or not. We highly recommend utilizing the multi-factor authentication to keep your account as safe as possible. After choosing, click the next button.

If you choose to use multi-factor authentication, you will set it up the next time you sign in.


6: Setup Your Security Questions
You must now setup 3 security questions. You can choose from one of the pre-populated questions, or you can choose to enter in a custom question. Once done with all 3 questions, click next.


7: Verify Your Email
After setting up your security questions, you will be asked to provide a token sent to your email address. Log in to your email and obtain the token. Enter it into the text box and click the register button.

After a period of time, a button will appear that will help you track your email if you did not recieve it. This will display information regarding the email. Some common issues are the email was not sent because it was not a valid email address, or it was blocked by the receiving email server.


8: Log In With Your Lumen Master Account
After verifying your email, you will be redirected to a login page. Here you will enter in the password you just set up and sign in.


9: Multi-Factor Authentication
If you elected to use multi-factor authentication, you will now be prompted to complete the multi-factor OTP registration.
Click here for more information and step by step instructions.

10: Account Linking
If you didn't elect to use multi-factor authentication, or after you've provided your one time password, you will be directed to the account linking page. This is the page where you have the ability to link your other services. Once linked, you will only need to log in with your master account. There is also an option to login without linking, for those who do not want to link their account.

For more information, please review the account linking and unlinking guide.



Q: What services does the Lumen Master Account currently work with?

A: Currently the Lumen Master Account works with our Managed Hosting (SavvisStation Portal), Private Cloud (Dedicated Cloud Compute), Cloud Application Manager, and Public Cloud services. This list will be expanded in the future.

Q: Which browsers are currently supported?

A: Below are the browsers currently supported:

Browser Version
Chrome Latest Version
Firefox Latest Version
Safari Latest Version
Microsoft Edge Latest Version
Internet Explorer 11