Adding Disks to Linux Virtual Machines

Updated by Luke Bakken on Oct 26, 2021
Article Code: kb/982


Server resource requirements change frequently as environments scale, with storage being the most often re-sized aspect of the environment. The Lumen Cloud control portal provides a self-service function to accommodate increased storage demands by allowing you to add disks to your virtual machine. Disks added to a Linux VM will have a file system created as part of the addition process and do not require a server reboot.


  1. All compute/storage allocations are managed through the "Settings" tab on the Virtual Server view. Once you have clicked "Settings," click the "Resources" tab. Once on the "Resources" tab, you may use the "Add Storage Disk" button to add another disk:

  2. Enter a name for the mount point and move the slider to the right to your desired disk size:

  3. When you click "Save," the disk will be added. Once the blueprint completes, you can verify by using the df -h command:

    [root@linux-server ~]# df -h
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sdc 14G 1.1G 13G 9% /
    tmpfs 1.9G 0 1.9G 0% /dev/shm
    /dev/sda1 495M 57M 414M 12% /boot
    /dev/sdd 119G 188M 117G 1% /data-disk

    Output may be slightly different based on your Linux distribution, however, /dev/sdc will always have the root file system on it.