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Dedicated Cloud Compute Hosting Area Network Options

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Hosting Area Network

The Lumen Hosting Area Network (HAN) offers a comprehensive set of network services for hosting customers. The HAN provides access to the Internet as well as between customer servers and Colocation space if purchased separately. The following HAN-related networking services are supported and are subject to separate charges and their respective Product Service Guides and SLAs will apply:

  • Load Balancing and SSL Acceleration: Provides load balancing and SSL acceleration services to the Hosting Area Network via optional managed dedicated or Virtual Services solutions. Server load balancing is the process of distributing service requests across a group of servers to address Customer requirements to optimize web applications performance. SSL acceleration is the process of offloading the processor-intensive public key encryption algorithms involved in SSL transactions to a hardware accelerator.

  • HAN Ports: Provide physical Ethernet connectivity to the HAN. Each Dedicated Cloud Compute Node includes a Gigabit HAN port for Customer- related network traffic and a second Fast Ethernet HAN port for Integrated Lights Out (iLO) connectivity. Additional HAN ports are available for an incremental fee.

  • Customer Access Extension: The Customer Access Extension service provides a Fast or Gigabit-based Ethernet cross connects from the HAN to a Customer’s Colocation-based network. This service allows Colocation customers to integrate their existing networks with the Dedicated Cloud Compute services.

  • Internet Bandwidth: Packets moving to or from the Public Internet are charged for separately as a HAN service. Lumen uses the Lumen Internet Backbone for Internet transit services. Lumen manages and monitors all connectivity points both within the Data Center and on the Lumen Internet backbone. Lumen Data Centers are pre-provisioned with Ethernet cabling from the aggregation switch to each rack to minimize implementation timeframes and accidental disruption of service from build-outs in the Data Center. Every HAN Port is inventoried in the portal for tracking, management and trouble resolution. Managed Hosting customers that use the Internet to provide access to their hosted applications must have a burstable Internet component included with their solution.

  • VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks): vLANs provide tagged or untagged networks that enable common or separate local area networks (LANs). Each Customer is provided a single vLAN per Data Center in addition to the IP transit vLAN at the routing gateway of the HAN. Additional vLANs are available for an incremental fee. All networking infrastructure is redundant and multiple methods of failover protection are used including VVRP and OSPF. Customer solutions can be designed with the following standard options.

Available VLAN Options

Option Description
Public vLAN Basic service used when traffic from multiple servers is not required to be segmented for performance or security. In most cases, the vLAN is configured to access the public Internet through the Lumen IP backbone.
Private vLAN Typically, a private vLAN carries traffic that is not destined for the Internet. This can be intra-site communications, between application and database server, or for integrated connectivity with other Lumen Intelligent IP VPN services included in the Dedicated Cloud Compute solution.

Any Ports and vLANs in addition to those included in the standard Lumen design shall be subject to incremental charges as set forth in the relevant Order Form. Any Port or vLAN requested by Customer after the initial installation of the Service shall also be subject to additional, incremental charges.