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Dedicated Cloud Compute Lumen Image Management Storage

Article Code: kb/1355

Lumen Image Management Storage

The Lumen Image Management Storage repository for Dedicated Cloud Compute is available for additional storage of Lumen’s instance template(s) and may be subject to additional charges.

Lumen provides operating system licensing, installation, management, and monitoring of Lumen standardized operating system builds. Non-standard operating system builds may exclude any or all of the licensing, installation, management, and monitoring. Lumen will make a commercially reasonable effort to support custom customer images, however, Lumen is not responsible for the support of non-standard operating system builds.

An instance template is a standard configuration image created from a virtual machine that contains pre-configured operating systems and customized non-Lumen managed applications (if applicable). Instance template(s) allows clients to consistently apply a template to multiple instances simultaneously.

The process of deploying a template can be done via the portal. A multiple instance deployment is automated through the portal and can be created from a single template.

Customers may deploy as many Dedicated Cloud Compute instances as feasible, however, for mass deployment of multiple simultaneous instances, Lumen recommends customers do not deploy more than five instances at a time. For customers that have the business need to deploy more than five instances at a time, the customer can contact Lumen to increase the client’s instance deployment threshold to exceed five mass deployment instances in the portal.

  • Marketplace within the portal can be utilized to deploy, manage or remove templates stored in the Image Management Storage repository.

  • A customer can save a Lumen Image into the Image Management Storage repository. The image can be deployed or deleted at any time.