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Dedicated Cloud Compute URL, TCP, and ICMP Monitoring and URL Check Options

Article Code: kb/269

URL, TCP and ICMP Monitoring

Lumen provides three URL, TCP, and ICMP monitoring credits with each Dedicated Cloud Compute node. Customers may use these credits to create automatic notification monitors in the portal. Additional monitor credits are available at an additional charge.

URL Check Options

Option Description
Content Match Checks a URL for known content, If the content is not in the returned response, then an alarm is created. This test can also measure the latency in a response and create an alarm based on its time to respond.
Form Test This is a two-step URL monitor. The monitoring service submits a completed web-based form and then performs a Content Match on the response. If the Content Match fails, an alarm is created.
Authentication Test This monitoring function handles dialogue boxes that are presented in some web-based applications for authentications, for example Microsoft Outlook Web Access. If the authentication is not accepted, an alarm is created.
Transaction Thread This is a series of the three types of URL Monitors to create a series of events to monitor a complete transaction from beginning to end.

URL Monitoring checks the Web site from an “Internet” perspective and measures whether the page and content are delivered. The additional process of checking for page content has the effect of checking whether customer applications and databases are available. This is accomplished by selecting content to be monitored that is generated by an application directory or database. If it is confirmed that the expected content is delivered with the page, then it can be confirmed that the Web server and the application or database are all in working order.