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Dedicated Cloud Compute User Privileges

Article Code: kb/249

User Privileges

Lumen provides system, hardware, and operating system management for all managed servers. Additional security and managed application services are available. Lumen maintains full ROOT or ADMINISTRATOR access on managed servers and Customer is not granted such access. It is Lumen security policy that ROOT logins be limited to console access only, and any such access is logged. In certain situations, Customer may require higher-level access in order to effectively manage certain applications that are running on managed servers. In such cases, Customer may request such higher level access and Lumen will use reasonable efforts to grant such access, subject to Customer acknowledging in writing that any Service to which Customer is granted ROOT, ADMINISTRATOR, or any similar level of access shall be excluded from any otherwise applicable SLA and Lumen shall have no responsibility whatsoever to the extent the applicable Service incurs any incident, outage or other service issues caused by any act or omission of Customer.

Unix-Based Server Privileges

For customers running Red Hat or Solaris, privileges will be set by Lumen system engineering to provide customers with the appropriate level of authorization on the system in order to manage their applications. Lumen recommends utilizing “pseudo” access, which permits specifically authorized users to execute certain privileged commands without explicitly being root on the system. This recommended practice limits access to the system level configuration and resources that Lumen will maintain.